Troubleshooters: Oak Haven Home

Posted at 3:42 PM, Sep 26, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:45-04

Some people are still trying to recover from the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey.
Tonight an Aransas Pass couple tells their story.
About how they’ve hired 2 different contractors, but they’re still not satisfied with the work that’s been done.

Wanda and John Johnson are still picking up the pieces from Harvey.
In April they hired Mark Leal of M&M Painting and Remodeling.
“I thought i could trust him,” Wanda Johnson told the Troubleshooters.
The Johnson’s told us Leal only worked a few days, but still got paid $7000.00.

That didn’t end well however, as this text between Johnson and Leal seems to indicate.
So in May, the Johnson’s hired Calvin Collins of Calvin’s Remodeling, they say, to finish what Leal didn’t.
They’ve already paid Collins more than $13,000.00.
Collins has been the subject of a previous Troubleshooters report.

Get this. Johnson and Collins both tell us they know one another.
Johnson saying of Collins “Calvin is actually a nice guy. He really is. It’s just his mouth overrides his brain, to put it nicely.”
The Johnson’s just aren’t satisfied with Collins’ work.

They got the wrong plywood, and it’s splitting. It’s falling apart already.”
We asked Collins about that by phone.
“We told her to tear that, tear that ceiling down. I mean, it’s an old ceiling. She just wanted it painted, so we primed and painted it.”
“$800.00 to do this wiring that Calvin and them said they were gonna do, and didn’t do,” Johnson said.
To which Collins responded that he told Johnson, his crews don’t do electrical work.

The Johnson’s have other issues about Collins’ work.
Like not hauling away debris.
And the split in these wooden support posts.
“That’s why I got a hold of you. Help me. What do I do people ? Johnson exclaimed.

Like we mentioned earlier, both sides say they know one another.
That’s why Collins is a bit surprised by this.
“We just went in there to help her out because that other contractor kind of screwed her over for a bunch of money.”

The Johnson’s estimate Harvey caused $38,000.00 in damage to their home.
And that it’s going to take $5000.00 more to get it looking like it used to.
For his part, Collins told us he’d contact Johnson today to try to get this resolved.