Troubleshooters; Bad Floor

Posted at 6:39 PM, Sep 19, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:45-04

A man dissatisfied with a contractor, goes to his house and holds up signs with the words thief, crook, liar.
What’s the contractor’s response ?

Manuel Gallardo needed a new floor in the hallway of his home.
So he hired Gary Mc Caig of Gary’s Handyman Services for the job.
Paid him $400.00 up front plus $225.00 more.
“There’s all my floor that was literally left all under my hallway,” he told the Troubleshooters. “So I’m gonna have to get this cleaned out.”

But when we saw the hallway Tuesday, it gave us a better idea why Gallardo called us for help.
The job’s not done.
“I got a few hours worth of work out of him. And after I gave him the 2nd amount of money that he asked for, he never showed up.”

We always like to ask people why they hire the contractors they do.
“What convinced you ? Because he was the cheapest ? In a nutshell, yes. Yes.”
Gallardo admits it’s a lesson learned the hard way.
“I feel like I’ve put family in a bind by giving out money to somebody.”

Gallardo took his frustration a step further.
He stood outside Mc Caig’s house and held up signs for everyone to see.
He wants his money back because he’s going to have to spend more money to pay somebody else to do the job.
“Please ask him to call me so we can give him an opportunity to give us his side of this story. Alright.”

The Troubleshooters went looking for Mc Caig Tuesday.
He wasn’t home, but we did speak with him Wednesday.
He told us he’s sorry about what’s happened, and he’s trying to come with a $325.00 refund for Gallardo.

Gallardo says he sent Mc Caig a demand letter.
Giving him till the 25th to give him a refund.

Here now, words of wisdom Gallardo’s learned.
“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait till you hire an amateur.”
Words of wisdom indeed for those contemplating hiring a contractor.