Troubleshooters: Impounded Headstones

Posted at 5:25 PM, Sep 06, 2018

There are 3 names engraved on these 7 monuments sitting at the Impound Lot.
Beatrice Ruiz.
Parks. No first name.
And Olivia G. Sanchez.
They are somebody’s family member or friend.

CCPD Lt. John Hooper says they’ve had custody of these stones since June 2016.
And they’ve tried everything to get the word out to the public to come and get ’em.
“Record management systems. Public records, to try to find any family members that would have a legitimate claim to these items.”

headstones laying around in an impound
Police say they’ve exhausted all efforts to have the impounded headstones picked up by rightful owners.

According to the Lieutenant, CCPD gained custody of the monuments after an investigation.
“I know that there was a criminal investigation. I know that criminal investigation from 2016 has been disposed of. It’s over. It’s finalized.”

In 2016 Action Ten News did a series of reports on Nueces monuments.
Rosa Ramos, the owner, told us she was filing for bankruptcy.
Just days before that, we’d received a tip that headstones were found discarded behind a business on Port.
Ramos acknowledged they belong to Nueces Monument, saying she needed a place to work on them since she had to move out quickly.

In 2013, we did a series of reports on South Texas Monuments
Customers claiming they’d paid owner Ken Gillespie for monuments they never received.

So if anyone knows the Parks family, or the family of Olivia G. Sanchez, or the family of Beatrice Ruiz, encourage them to get to CCPD’s Impound Lot on the 5400 block of Greenwood by tomorrow.
It wont cost anything to claim what is yours, if you can prove it is.
“Prove that you’re related to Beatrice Ruiz, Olivia G. Sanchez, or Parks.”

Unclaimed stones will be taken to the city dump.