Troubleshooters: Bird Island House

Posted at 8:56 PM, Aug 29, 2018
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On today’s Troubleshooters, it’s another story about another person whose house was damaged by Hurricane Harvey
A woman claims she’s been ripped off by the company she hired to repair her roof.

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Kristy Jackson’s house has looked like it needs work since Harvey blew through the Coastal Bend a year ago.
It’s still liveable, but she needs a new roof.

She hired Catskill Restoration out of Weatherford, west of Ft. Worth.
Company promotional material reads in part…’it is our mission to bring integrity, honesty, and quality workmanship to the roofing industry…’

“I drive to Rockport, and I see all his signs. Catskill Restoration. He’s helping a lot of people,” Jackson says of the reasons she chose them.

So she hired them November 15th last year.
Total cost for a new roof?
$6449.30 of which Jackson has paid $3202.03.
She tried getting a loan for the balance, but when she couldn’t, she asked Catskill Restoration for her money back.

“I guess the head guy. And he said ‘yes ma’am. I’ll take care of it,” Jackson recalled.

But Jackson says she’s called the Troubleshooters for help because the company hasn’t kept its promise.
Imagine. A single mom of 4, working 2 jobs, and now this to worry about.

“Very nerve-racking when you’re forking out $3000.00 and you have nothing to show for it.”

Shortly after 1 pm this afternoon, we called 4 different numbers Jackson gave us for Catskill Restoration and left a message.
They did not call us back Wednesday.
We’ll call back.

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