Troubleshooters: Electric Bill

Posted at 4:14 PM, Aug 23, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:44-04

An elderly man admits he made a mistake when he paid his electric bill.
So he called for help to get the mistake fixed.
Let’s just say it was a big mistake.
A really big mistake!
Would you believe a $20,000.00 mistake?
But we made some phone calls, and it appears the mistake has been fixed!

Richard Conoly is 83-years-old.
And has been hospitalized about ten days now.
Tony Bender describes himself as Conoly’s best friend.
“Before he was taking care of himself, working with his dogs. And we became very very good friends,” Bender says proudly.

Around 10:30 this morning, Bender sent the Troubleshooters an email.
His friend Richard needed our help.
When Richard paid his June electric bill to Cirro Energy, he paid them $20,739.00.
The bill was actually for $207.39.
So yeah, Conoly, thru Bender, admits he put the period in the wrong place.
Bender called Conoly’s bank.
“They can not do anything until the company reverses the money, but they did not reverse it back again.”

Bender told us Cirro initially told him it would be taken care of quickly. Then he says they changed their story to 48 hours.  And then he says they changed their story to 21 days to get this resolved.

So before noon, the Troubleshooters went to work, calling Cirro Energy and Conoly’s bank.
And of course, to protect Conoly’s privacy, all they would promise is that they would look into it.
Then, by 12:30, we met with Bender to let him know what we found out.
Then he reported to Conoly in his hospital room.
“My wife says the only one who will help you, you! Said this is the only hope you guys have.”

At 2:15 this afternoon, Bender calls us.
First words out of his mouth, “you did it!”
Conoly’s bank had spoken with the energy provider and then called Conoly to tell him the refund would be back in his account no later than Monday.
We’ll let you know on Monday if that happens.

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