Troubleshooters: Lake City Woman

Posted at 8:51 PM, Aug 06, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:43-04

Regina Browning is really struggling.
She says she moved from the Houston area to Lake City 2 years ago.
Then suffered a stroke last year.
And she just received this letter telling her she has to get out of her house. Now.

“Where you gonna move to? I’m moving to Louisiana whenever I can ’cause my son lives there. You gonna move in with him ? Just long enough till I can find a place, because when I had my stroke, he told me you’re either moving down there, or I’ll come get you and move you because I’m gonna have to take care of you.”

This all started, Browning says, after she sold her house in Brazoria County and moved to South Texas to be closer to family.
Browning thinks the Texas Health and Human Services Commission believes she profited from the sale.
She’s adamant she didn’t.
So they sent her this notice which reads in part ‘the amount of state benefits you get has to change either in ‘federal benefits’ or ‘amount she pays for Medicare Part B’ which primarily covers doctor visits or outpatient care.

Browning claims the reduction in her benefits is a big reason she’s behind on her rent for this place.
Which is why this letter says she has to move.
Think she has it bad? Listen.
“I’ll tell you what, I feel sorry for those people and the elderly out there that’s in worse shape than I am.”

The Troubleshooters contacted the HHS about Browning.
They referred us to the ‘Your Texas Benefits’ website which Browning says she’s tried, and that’s why she’s called us for help.
We’re not done.