Troubleshooters: Glazebrook Contractor

Posted at 6:13 PM, Jul 13, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:43-04

On today’s Troubleshooters a woman says she paid a contractor and his brothers $3000.00 to do some work at a property her father owns.
Can you guess why she called us?  I’ll bet you can.

Now, to be fair, Yolanda Ramos admits Daniel and Anselmo Zapata, the brothers she hired, and paid $3000.00, did do some work.

"He put these tiles up," Ramos pointed out.  "He didn’t even finish cleaning them."

But her complaint is that she hired them in April, and here it is July, and the job isn’t completely done.

"So why did you call us ?" the Troubleshooters asked.  "Because he never finished the work and he took $3000.00 from me."

Not only that.  Ramos claims the Zapata brothers never gave her a receipt for the $3000.00 she insists she paid them, nor was there a contract involved.

"So he was asking you ‘can I actually spend the night at one these apartments that I’m fixing for you…then I can get up and do the work in the morning.  In the morning he’d get up and go to another job," Ramos told us.

So right there, in one of the apartments to be repaired, the Troubleshooters called Daniel Zapata, the person Yolanda  Ramos told us she struck the deal with.

"She made the agreement with Anselmo.  Not me," Daniel Zapata said by phone.  "I’m not a contractor.  I’m not a contractor.  what are you ?  I’m….I’m just here."

Ramos has hired another contractor to finish what she says the Zapata brothers started…in April.  Richard Newville says he’s been paid and will be done in about a week.  We also left a message for Anselmo Zapata, but he hasn’t called us back.