Troubleshooters: Pro Tech Landscaping

Posted at 3:00 PM, Jul 11, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:42-04

Several people have called with complaints about a local landscaping company.
It sounds like a familiar story.  Customers claiming they paid for services that were rarely, if ever, fully provided.
The landscaping company owner counters the complaints, wondering why nobody ever talks about his quote "hundreds and hundreds and hundreds…" of satisfied customers. 

Sean Carrier says he’s owned Pro Tech Landscaping for a couple years now.
"His profile on his Facebook page talked about him being a very Christian person.  Honest family man," one of his customers said.
But some of the people who hired him, now have complaints about him and his business.

There are many, from Rockport, Aransas Pass, Ingleside, and throughout the Coastal Bend, sharing their stories with us and on social media. 
For instance, Justin Siltmann told the Troubleshooters "I’m not trying to ruin the guy.  I’m not trying to ruin his life, but he stole from my family, and we’ve been contacted by numerous families.  10, 12, 13 other families that this is the same type of thing that happened."

Siltmann showed us a video of Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath, and why he had to hire Carrier and his business to fix it. 
But he points out that the pile of dirt, ordered by Carrier, has been sitting his front yard for 2 months now.
"The people who dumped the load of dirt came back.  Left a note.  They were gonna file a lien on us because the dirt hadn’t been paid for."
On you? 
"On me." 
Siltmann says Carrier did finally pay for the dirt, and further claims Carrier didn’t do a very good job in his backyard.

James and Tip Davis say they hired Pro Tech and paid Carrier $2900.00 up front.
They looked forward to him starting their job March 12th, as promised.
"The 12th come.  No show.  No call.  Waiting and waiting and waiting.  So at the end of the day, I called.  No answer the phone," recalled Mrs. Davis.  "I left a message.  I text.  No answer.  Next day went by.  No answer.  No show.  No phone.  No nothing."  
The Davises are suing Carrier and his business for their $2900.00.   

Cody and Casey Cox took some pictures of Carrier digging trenches for a new sprinkler system at their home.
They say they paid him $2100.00 for that plus another $3250.00 to do more landscaping work at their home. 
But after having to hire somebody else to do the job they say Carrier didn’t do, they’ve contacted CCPD.
"He’s taken money from my family.  I just want our money back.  And I’ve asked him for a refund, and he’s told me that he was gonna give it to me, and I haven’t seen anything," Mrs. Cox told the Troubleshooters.
She further told us it’s cost her family an estimated $13,000.00 to finally get their yard looking like they wanted it to.  

"Has there ever been any legal action taken against your business?" we asked Carrier by phone.  "No, sir.  Never?  Never."
For his part, Carrier told us he’s trying to make good with as many of his customers as possible.
And if he’s learned one thing as a business owner, it’s that you can’t make everybody happy all the time.
And as a small business owner, sometimes you can get pushed around if you don’t stand up for yourself.
"We’ve had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers, but nobody puts a magnifying glass on that."

Justin Siltmann says he’s filed civil and criminal charges against Sean Carrier and Pro Tech Landscaping in Aransas County.
And he also reminds us that the district attorney there has not accepted criminal cases from Rockport Police for more than a year now.