Troubleshooters: Caterer

Posted at 8:39 PM, Jun 14, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:42-04

On today’s Troubleshooters, what would you do if a caterer you hired, and paid, flaked on you, just days before your event ? 

In January, Angie Limon wrote this check for $500.00 to Albert Rodriguez.
It was a down payment for him to cater her son’s graduation party, scheduled for June.
"He answered all the questions I had as far as like what I should get for so many people.  He was pretty accurate.  He was very responsive.  So I didn’t see a problem," she told the Troubleshooters.

Rodriguez apparently ran Al Pastor Fiesta Tacos, a catering business.
Limon says she found him on facebook.

She admits that as time passed from January to June there was little, if any contact.
"It’s nerve-racking.  It’s devastating.  It’s upsetting.  It’s not a good feeling at all.  I don’t wish it upon anyone." 

Just days before the party, Limon was able to find somebody else to cater it, and for less.
But she’s been relentless in trying to track down Albert Rodriguez.
She wants her money back and to let others know about this business.
"This lady here out of San Antonio paid $350.00.  Didn’t get her money back.  This lady here paid $500.00 and didn’t get her money back," she pointed out.   

The Troubleshooters called the number on the contract.
A woman answered.
"And he’s signing contracts with people, taking money down, money up front, and then not providing services.  So we want to get his side of this particular story.  Ok."      
That same lady called us back this afternoon.
Identified herself as Clarisa Cantu.
She says she is not related to Rodriguez, but went on to tell us that he’s not even in this country. 
He’s in Mexico for a family situation, but he’s not likely to return till the end of this year or next.
But she assured us he’ll try to do what he can to resolve these complaints.