Troubleshooters: Cornelia Contractor

Posted at 1:06 AM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:42-04

On today’s Troubleshooters, a retired Navy man asks for help with a contractor.
The contractor counters saying the Navy man owes him money.

Gerardo Rodriguez, a 22 year retired Navy man, says he just bought his house a couple months ago.
He plans to repair and remodel it so he can live in it.

In May he hired Jose Rosales and Chris Gutierrez of ‘Blessed Construction and Painting’ to do the job.
Gave Rosales a $7500.00 cash down payment.
Total cost for the job was $22,500.00. 

The job is far from being complete today. 
Rodriguez claims Rosales and his crew only worked on it for about a week.
And that they didn’t even show up for work over the Memorial day weekend, so…
"I fired them because they were not doing their jobs," he told the Troubleshooters.

There is still alot of sheetrock missing from the walls.
By phone Rosales told the Troubleshooters why it’s missing.
"We tore out the whole walls ’cause his electrician wanted to re-do the whole wiring.  That was not in the contract."  

In fact, Rosales claims Rodriguez owes him money because he’s done alot more work than the contract calls for.
"That man owes me $14,000.00 for all the work that I’ve done."  

Rodriguez says he’ll have to spend even more money to get the job done by a different contractor.
This whole situation with Rosales has really impacted him.     
"I was devastated.  I’m devastated.  (pause) Just very upset."
Rosales counters "I have gone thru so much bullcrap with this man.  I’m really sick and tired of it.  I really don’t care if he takes me to court."

It sounds as if Rosales is daring Rodriguez to take him to court over this.
"Now when we go to court, and I’m gonna take away his property and everything that he has that he can own."
He further told the Troubleshooters that in order for him to even consider going back to the job, Rodriguez has to pay him $7500.00.  
Rodriguez is willing to pay Rosales some money, but $7500.00 ?
"So you don’t think they worked for $7500.00 ?  No sir.  No sir."