Troubleshooters: Disabled Roof Pt. 2

Posted at 8:51 PM, Apr 30, 2018

This is Part 2 of a Troubleshooters story we first reported earlier this month as a ‘Case Closed.’
But Andy’s found out it’s far from closed !
And it probably wont be closed for awhile because it’s going to take alot of work by alot of different people for that to happen.
In fact tonight, the original contractor is making a public plea for help from other contractors.    

We called it a Case Closed because Chris Thornton and Dallas Helms told us their contractor, Pat Ayres of Award Roofing and Construction of Aransas Pass, was putting them up in a hotel until the repairs were complete.  

They hired him in February to repair their roof and walls because when it rains, it really pours in their house. 
They paid him nearly $8000.00, all the money they’d been given by their insurance company to get the job done.
But Mr Thornton told us at that time "I really regret that.  Really I do."
Well, the repairs didn’t get done. 

Alot has happened since our story first aired couple of weeks ago.  First of all, the family tells the Troubleshooters they moved back into their home late last week.  But on Friday, they say CPS showed up and started asking questions about their son. 
The family also tells us that before CPS left, they told the family they couldn’t live here one night longer in these conditions.  
So the contractor, Pat Ayres, moved the family into his house in Aransas Pass while his crew made the repairs.

In fact, Ayres showed up at the house this morning ready to go to work.
But emphasizing he can’t do it alone.
"The house is full of roaches and rats.  We’re gonna eradicate that.  If anybody wants to help us do that, whether you’re a company or whatever, fine.  Please help these folks.  It breaks my heart."   

Ayres says the couple’s insurance company has agreed to pay for new decking on the roof.
And it wont be a shingle roof.  It’ll be a metal roof with a lifetime guarantee, which he thinks he’ll be able to get for free.  
And that’s why he says it’s taken this long to get going.

Plus, Ayres reminds us, he’s spent his own money supporting the family.
How many contractors would do that?
"I like Pat very well," said Ms. Helms.  "He’s gone out of his way, and he’s been keeping us at his house.  Letting us spend the night.  And he’s been feeding us, and even taking us everywhere."

Ayres says he needs an electrical contractor to step up and help him help the family.
Plus, he needs new, but not necessarily brand new, appliances, furniture, and food.
They’ve enrolled their son back in school.
So now it’s up to 76 year old Pat Ayres and Award Roofing and Construction to finish what they started.
"This place is gonna look really nice when we get thru with it," he assured us.

Ayres further told us that in the meantime, he’s trying to get a FEMA trailer for the family.
Of course, the bigger question is, how long is it going to take? 
How long before the family can call the house their home again?
As long as it takes for everybody who’s willing to help, to step up.