Troubleshooters: Bishop House

Posted at 8:10 PM, Apr 11, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:41-04

Got a new Troubleshooters story for you today.
A Bishop couple hired a contractor to build their house.
The contract calls for the contractor to be paid half down.
The couple paid nearly half down, so the contractor has stopped working.
Let’s hear from both sides and then you decide.  

So Johny Tejeda and his wife Rosario, immigrants from Peru, moved out here, between Bishop and Robstown, and planned to build a house.
In December last year, they hired 2R’s Construction out of Robstown to do it.
Both sides signed the contract for a 1788 square foot 3 bedroom 2 bath house on piers for $45,000.00 – half down.

Tejeda produced receipts showing that he has paid Leo Rios $20,000.00.
And says Rios hasn’t done any work since January because he wants more money.
Tejeda recalled his last conversation with Rios.
"Well give me $5000.00 more, then Monday I come in with all my people," Tejeda recounted.  "I don’t bring no more money.  He never come."  
The 5 more Tejeda referred to is $5000.00 more that Rios is asking for to continue the job.
He maintains when Rios does more work, he’ll get more money.

Tejeda has a picture of Leo Rios, whom we contacted by phone, and asked about the Tejeda job.
"Why has it taken so long to get the job done?  Well, ’cause he didn’t comply with the contract like I told him,He told the Troubleshooters.
Rios further told us that he tried to work with Tejeda on different payment plans, insisting he needs the money to pay his crew.
"How much would it take for you to start working that job again?  The 5 like I told him so I can get all my stuff there."

On February 15th, Tejeda had an attorney send Rios this Demand Letter certified mail, giving him ten days to respond.
Tejeda says the letter was returned to him unsigned.   
He’s also told his story to the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office.

The Tejeda’s want their $20,000.00 back because they’re going to have to hire another contractor.
They don’t trust Leo Rios.
"He’s a gangster," says Rios.