Troubleshooters: Test Drive 2

Posted at 1:38 AM, Apr 04, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:40-04

In tonight’s Troubleshooters report, an Aransas Pass woman has filed charges against a local car dealership accusing them of forging her signature. 
The dealership’s general manager told the Troubleshooters he has the paperwork for a car purchase with her signature on it.
Latena Koningverdraag finally got to see the signatures the Alfa Romeo-Fiat of Corpus Christi dealership claimed they’ve had all along. 
But she is adamant that other than the one on her drivers license, they are not hers.  
"This is not my signature.  I did not sign this.  I believe someone wrote this up themselves and forged my signature."
We confirmed with CCPD that she filed a report accusing the dealership of forgery.  Unlawful use of a signature without consent. 

She went to the dealership in September 2017 looking for a car.
Wound up signing away the title to her 2006 Kia Optima.  
And driving home in this 2017 Fiat.
she also claims it was late.  And the dealership was closing, so the salesman told her to come back the following Monday to complete the deal.

But when she did, she says she got some unexpected news.
"He said we’ve auctioned off the Kia and you already have your car.  We already sent the paperwork to the finance company.  I’m like what paperwork ?  We didn’t fill anything out."
The Troubleshooters went to the dealership where Nate Arn, the manager, told us he had a complete set of paperwork Latena signed to buy the car.
Koningvergdraag told us the finance company’s been telling her the same thing, but neither one ever showed them to her. 

"There’s no bill of sale.  There’s no application for a loan.  There’s nothing showing my job.  My income.  It’s something they created," she said.
We spoke by phone with General Manager Ronnie Lillard today.  He believes Koningverdraag is having a bad case of buyers remorse.
Furthermore, he wants her to submit to a polygraph test and sign her signature on a signature pad.
He also wants any employees involved in this deal to submit to a polygraph.

In the meantime, he says he’ll try to find Koningverdraag’s ’06 Kia Optima, and refund her $300.00 down payment.    
And about the Fiat, which Koningverdraag says she didn’t want in the first place, it’s been repo’d.

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