Troubleshooters: Devon St. Roof

Posted at 3:59 PM, Mar 26, 2018
and last updated 2019-07-19 16:21:03-04

On today’s Troubleshooters, a retired Navy man is asking for the Troubleshooters help getting his roof repaired.

The roof came with a double lifetime limited warranty.    

"I bought this house so my wife would be happy," Charles Green told us.

He says he had the roof replaced so his wife wouldn’t have to worry about it when he’s gone.
So he bought an aluminum roof from Sears in 2006 for $19,500.00.
And then Sears contracted the installation to Factory Direct.

"From the naked eye, it looks like it’s in good shape, but it’s not in good shape.  No sir," Green told the Troubleshooters.

Green says last year he noticed leaks in 2 bedroom ceilings.  

And since the roof came with a double lifetime limited warranty, Green says he tried contacting Sears, Factory Direct, and his insurance company, to get the  necessary repairs done.
"Each time I contact someone, they seem like they give me the run-around."  

And now he’s called the Troubleshooters for help.

We looked through his paperwork and found this.  "It is the buyer’s responsibility to make all necessary repairs at it’s own expense to protect the contractor’s work."  
Remember, Mr. Green wants to do this so his wife doesn’t have to worry about it when he’s gone.

He read from a letter he received from his insurance company.

It wasn’t good news.
"I am unable to make any allowance for the damage since this type of construction error is excluded on your home owners policy with Texas Farm Bureau."  

We contacted Sears.

They tell us they have no records of selling or installing a roof at Mr. Green’s home.  They do have records of selling him windows, doors, and an HVAC system.
We contacted Texas Farm Bureau Insurance’s office in Kleberg and Kenedy counties twice.
And are still waiting on a return call.

We’ve called the number for Factory Direct in San Antonio multiple times.

Can’t get through.
Sears did tell us that their information shows Factory Direct to be a mobile home business.

Here’s what this is going to come down to.

Are the repairs covered through the double lifetime limited warranty?
We’ll try to find out.    
As always, whenever you need help from the Troubleshooters, give us a call at 361-885-0100.