Troubleshooters: Taft Contractor

Posted at 4:05 PM, Feb 12, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:39-04

The Troubleshooters have repeatedly urged that whenever hiring a contractor you should ask questions.  Get references.  Do background checks.
Today, a we try to help a Taft couple that didn’t do all those things.
Now they’re asking us to help them get their money back.

Felix and Louise Gutierrez showed us a picture of a man they identify as Michael Berger, the contractor they hired in December off of a Facebook ad.
"He was a Marine, and that kind of like, those guys are pretty true blue and everything," Felix Gutierrez told us.
The Gutierrez’s say he also goes by Michael James, and that his full name is Michael James Berger.
"He comes across as being very honest and a man of his word.  And he’s quite the opposite." 

The Gutierrez’s say they’ve caught at least 18 opossum under their home in Taft, so they hired Berger to put skirting around it to keep ’em out.
Total cost for the job, $1500.00.  
On December 18th, they gave Berger a $750.00 check for the down payment.
Notice it’s payable to CMC Construction and Michael Berger.

But it’s easy to see nothing’s been done.  The Gutierrez’s say they’ve been scammed and they’re embarrassed about it.
"All he did was measure.  He hasn’t bought anything.  He hasn’t showed me any materials.  He basically took our deposit and disappeared." They also told the Troubleshooters they’ve filed a police report.

The Troubleshooters called Berger.  He hung up.
We called CMC Construction.  They told us Berger has never worked there.
There are several complaints against Michael James Berger on the Ripoff Report. 

The Gutierrez’s say they’ve contacted the attorney general’s office. 
They want their money back.

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