Troubleshooters: Day 4 Fred Rich Trial

Posted at 5:44 PM, Feb 02, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:39-04

It’s day 4 of testimony in the Fred Rich civil trial and it’s still not over.
The Portland businessman, who has been at the center of several Troubleshooters reports,  is accused of fraud.
Shortly after 9 o’clock this morning 59 year old Fred David Rich took the stand.
Attorney Eric Perkins, for the plaintiffs, questioned Rich about why he took so long to respond to letters Perkins sent him repeatedly in 2014 about this situation with the house on the 1600 block of Mestina.
Rich answered ‘whenever I get a letter from an attorney it usually leads to a lawsuit, so I get defensive.’ 

Rich’s attorneys have argued all week that Emiliano Chavira did not have authority nor approval from Rich, in writing, to sell the house to Francisco Carrillo or anyone.
Rich repeatedly denied knowing anything about the agreement, even tho Perkins showed him payment receipts with Mr Chavira and Mr. Carrillo’s names on them.   

A highlight of the afternoon may have come when Perkins told Rich ‘you more than anybody else, stand to benefit from this case.’
Rich responded ‘I don’t see it that way.’
The trial continues Monday at 9;30 and Action Ten will be there again.  

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