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Posted at 4:41 PM, Jan 24, 2018
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On today’s Troubleshooters, a man asks for our help getting his car fixed, or his money back, from a local transmission shop.  We checked with CCPD.  They tell us it’s out of their hands. It’s is a civil matter now.

Steve Gutierrez says he brought his Cadillac Escalade to Coastal Transmission on Gollihar last September to have the transmission rebuilt.
Total cost ?  3200.00.  Gutierrez put half down.
He says it had been here just a short time when the owner, Saul Guzman, called and asked him a surprising question.
"If I had went and picked up the vehicle.  And I’m like ‘no.  Why ?’  He says ‘well it’s not here."  

According to CCPD, on September 29th last year, Saul Guzman, son of the owner, took Gutierrez’s car from the shop, and was involved in a hit-and-run accident. 
Gutierrez recalled a conversation with the elder Guzman.
"He said I’ll take care of your damages.  It was my son’s fault.  He shouldn’t have taken it.  Don’t worry about it."

We went to Coastal Transmission Wednesday afternoon and asked the younger Guzman about the accident.  He walked away while we began speaking with him.
This is what the Escalade looked like the next time Gutierrez saw it, in the CCPD Impound Lot.
CCPD says the younger Guzman admitted in a written statement that he was driving when the accident happened.

In fact, Gutierrez told us "the kid actually told me and apologized.  I’m sorry I took your vehicle." 
The police report says Gutierrez and Guzman came to an agreement whereby Guzman would repair the damages from the accident.  And Gutierrez says he did.  Kind of.
He adds that the car still doesn’t run right, so it’s back in for repairs, but not at Coastal. 

And did I mention that Gutierrez claims Coastal still hasn’t fixed his transmission ?
"Only thing he ever tells me is that he doesn’t have any money."

So far, Gutierrez is out the $1600.00 down payment, plus his insurance deductible to get the accident damages fixed.
Plus the inconvenience of not having the vehicle.
CCPD told us it’s a closed case as far as they’re concerned. 

So it looks like Gutierrez will have to take Guzman to Small Claims Court.
We’ll keep following this story.

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