The challenges in selling cascarones this year

Posted at 7:08 PM, Apr 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-03 20:10:55-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A bag of eight dozen Easter eggs also known as cascarones will cost $15. A year ago, this would have cost a few dollars less. 

“It did have to go up a little bit because of transportation because gas went up,” Rick Hurtado said. 

Transporting cascarones from Mexico to the Coastal Bend was one of the challenges for Hurtado and his family’s business. They sell eggs and piñatas at the Sutherland parking lot as they have been for several years.  

"It costs a lot to make them. Not only that but eggs prices went up, so I was curious to find out what it was going to be like this year,” Hurtado said. 

Hurtado said they were able to buy in bulk from their supplier in Mexico. 

“We try to get ours a year ahead. We try and place our order in November, so we have enough for Corpus Christi and the residents here,” Hurtado said. 

Sellers over on Greenwood Drive agree, it’s all about planning ahead, especially this year. Leonarda Molina has been doing this for more than 40 years.  

“The high prices of eggs made it really difficult to collect Easter eggs,” Molina said. 

Some local restaurants sell their used eggshells. That’s where Molina gets most of her supply. 

“I’ll pick them up. I’ll wash them, I’ll dry them, I’ll paint them, fill them, cover them. It’s a whole process,” Molina explained. 

To help with this process, Molina bought chickens. She used all those eggshells for her business. 

“They helped a lot. I didn’t buy any eggs from the grocery store, only what they lay,” Molina said. 

With Easter Sunday, only a few days away, Molina and Hurtado recommend buying your cascarones now because the prices will go up the longer you wait.