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Vigil held Wednesday night in Uvalde

Posted at 7:22 PM, May 25, 2022

The very long grieving process is starting, and the vigil scheduled to take place in Uvalde Wednesday night aims to help.

But there are other ways that people are trying to cope with the loss of so many young lives.

All teachers and staff members from the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District were invited to the town's civic center, where grief counselors were on hand to provide support.

Some of those counselors were at Robb Elementary School when the shooting happened.

Others weren't, but as people who take care of children day in and day out, they, too, felt the impact.

Some parents around town are trying to put themselves in the grieving parents’ shoes.

"Uvalde is not going to be the same anymore,” said parent Francisca Garza. “It's not. Parents are not going to be able to hug their kids no more that have gone already. It's just, like, imagine — it's just me thinking about my kids — I would go crazy, too."

A sixth-grader who goes to another school in town lost a cousin, and her friend lost a sister.

"Hearing my best friend calling me, crying, saying she can't sleep because her sister is no longer with her — it's hard," said Destiny Stanley. "I can't imagine that happening here in Uvalde."

Originally, news outlets were not allowed at the vigil, but we will now be able to attend.