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H-E-B adopts environmentally friendly refrigeration policies

Posted at 9:38 PM, Jul 22, 2019

H-E-B has joined a partnership that has a goal to reduce their carbon footprints through better refrigeration practices.

The GreenChill partnership, established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), was created to help refrigeration level up into environmentally sustainable systems.

The efforts are part of an on-going commitment to the environment. H-E-B has been recognized twice by the State for environmental excellence. On top of that, H-E-B has a few stores that are Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®) certified.

"As part of this voluntary program," they said in a press release, "H-E-B continues its path to adopt more environmentally friendly refrigeration technologies, strategies and practices that will reduce refrigerant emissions and impact on the environment."

GreenChill is excited about the partnership and how it will effect the refrigeration industry.

“H-E-B is a fantastic company to have join EPA’s GreenChill Partnership because of their leadership in adopting advanced refrigeration technology,” said Tom Land, manager of the GreenChill Partnership. “The GreenChill Partnership looks forward to working with H-E-B to acknowledge the company’s environmentally responsible management of their refrigeration systems.”

H-E-B's Director of Refrigerant Management and Sustainability, Keilly Witman, has been put in charge of the transition.