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Border agents estimate more than 3,400 Haitians sent back

Three flights left from Texas on Sunday
Thousands returned from Del Rio to Haiti
Posted at 6:19 AM, Sep 20, 2021

DEL RIO, Texas — Thousands of Haitians who set up camp under the International Bridge in Del Rio are back in their home country this morning.

Three flights left from Texas on Sunday.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the migrants were medically screened prior to boarding the flights on Sunday.

Many of the migrants were deported under CDC Title 42, which allows for immediate deportation of migrants to prevent the spread of COID-19.

Border patrol officials said they have removed some 3,400 people in the past two days and they expect that number to increase in the days ahead.

Migrants - most of them from Haiti - started coming up from the border last week, fleeing poverty, political unrest and natural disasters.

Their numbers swelled to around 14,000 - stretching local resources beyond their breaking point.

The DHS sent hundreds of border agents to implement a plan to relieve the pressure on the border.

Border Patrol officials estimate it could be about a week before the migrants are moved - either to other processing centers or back to their home county.