‘Surprise’ quadruplets born at Waco hospital turn 1 year old

Posted at 9:59 PM, May 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-21 23:20:28-04

WACO, TX — Vivan Van Gorder gave birth to four babies on May 21, 2018. She and her husband Chris Van Gorder were only expecting three babies, and the fourth baby was discovered during labor when doctors said they noticed an extra elbow.

One year later, as the quadruplets turn one, Vivian and Chris Van Gorder reflect on how fast this year has flown by,

“Well it still seems like yesterday, you know, so I’m sitting here thinking, ‘oh my God it’s almost a year ago,'” Vivan said.

As she feeds Eric, Clare, Tristan, and Grace, she can’t help but have a smile on her face. Even though some days are more chaotic than others.

“They probably make the stress but then relieve it when they look up into your eyes and have those beautiful angelic faces. It’s a real gift from God,” Chris said.

It’s been a roller coaster of a year since bringing the quadruplets home from the hospital, but the parents have so much help coming from family and friends.

They aren’t only raising the quadruplets, they also have three older kids as well, Tatijana, 11, Gretchen, 10 and Andrew, 5. When they get home from school it’s all hands on deck when caring for the four toddlers.

What came as a shock as the year has gone by is the price in food. Chris said they estimate around 30 cans of formula a month and at $12 a can that’s $360 a month. Now that they are transitioning to actual food, he hopes the price of food decreases.

The Van Gorders were also told by doctors that they would estimate around 18,000 diapers in their lifetime, just with the quadruplets alone.

Although expensive, the Van Gorders say they have a lot to be thankful for. Their “fantastic four” are healthy and have never needed to go back to the hospital since leaving the NICU.

“They’ve helped us to see the best of us and the worst of us so we’re just grateful,” Vivian said.

With a smile on her face and four babies on her hips, she can’t help but love the life she was given. Chris can’t help but watch his wife in amazement.

“Vivian’s a superhero for sure,” he said. “Avengers have nothing on her.”

Truly a super mom as Vivian is not only raising her kids but also finishing up her degree in business and is set to graduate in August.

The family will be at Baylor Scott & White, where the quadruplets were born, to deliver a birthday cake to the team that delivered and helped them on this day one year ago.