Texas voters to possibly decide on nixing daylight saving time

Posted at 7:40 PM, Apr 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-24 20:40:56-04

The debate on whether daylight saving should be done away with might be decided in the voting booth.

Texas lawmakers and citizens have been debating over whether daylight savings should be ousted for a while. According to the Texas Tribune, they haven’t been able to agree on which time to stick to.

“We shouldn’t be subject to our own prejudice or preference on this. We should allow voters to make the decision,” author of the bill and San Antonio state Rep. Lyle Larsontold the Texas Tribune, “I think it’s time to allow the voters to make the decision on whether they want standard time or daylight saving time.”

The Texas Tribune reports that one measure passed in the Texas legislature 133 – 9 yesterday and was tentatively approved today by the Texas House.

In November voters will decide on which time to make permanent, spring forward or fall back, otherwise known as year-round daylight saving time, or year-round standard time.

The vote will come in the form of two propositions on the ballot. The first proposition will ask whether a referendum on daylight saving time may take place, prompting a second proposition asking which time is preferred.

There would have possibly been a third option to keep the time changes, but that measure was shut down. This means that regardless of what Texans choose in November, the twice a year time changes will be nixed.