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Protecting Your Money: Saving money during the holidays

Posted at 5:22 PM, Nov 17, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Is it possible to save money during the holiday shopping season?

Yes, but it takes a lot of willpower and planning. You have to commit to a budget, and stick to it. But that can be, and is, difficult.

We're talking about gifts, decorations outside and inside your home, food, travel, gas; these are just some of the expenses we can all expect over the next five weeks leading up to Christmas Day.

Let's begin with setting a budget. Easier said than done.

"It seems like the easiest thing, and the most obvious. Set a budget and stay within that budget no matter how tempted you are with all these great deals," said Katie Galan with the Better Business Bureau.

Everybody wants their home to look as festive as possible during the holiday season, but ask yourself, do I really need new decorations?

Check your decorations, and see what you already have in storage, versus what you need.

According to, try shopping online, using apps or websites created to save you money.
These things will also help you avoid crowded malls and long lines at checkout.

However, be sure to be very aware of all websites you click on. Make sure they're secure and your privacy is protected.

"Before you actually make that online purchase," Galan tells us, "definitely be sure you see the lock icon in the url box which is where you type in your website address. That little lock box icon needs to be there before you type in your financial information."

Use Amazon prime for deliveries if and when you can, and use coupons and gift certificates.