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Video of a baby rhino frolicking in the rain will make you smile

Posted at 10:30 AM, Dec 17, 2020

More proof that baby animals are just like children, video showing a nearly 4-month-old rhino at the Cincinnati Zoo playing in the mud during a rainstorm.

The zoo shared a video on their Facebook page of Ajani Joe jumping, slipping and frolicking in the slick mud.

Ajani Joe, an eastern black rhino, was born August 28.

“This little guy is an important ambassador for his species. Eastern black rhinos are critically endangered, and he is the first of his kind born this year in North America. Only eight others, including his brother, were born in the three years prior,” his zookeepers said at the time.

Eastern black rhinos are native to Eastern and Central Africa and have two large horns they use for defense and intimidation. Only about 5,000 black rhinos remain in the world, with about 60 in about two dozen accredited zoos in North America, according to the Cincinnati Zoo.