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Using an out-of-network ATM? It's going to cost you more than ever, survey shows

Posted at 2:17 PM, Oct 02, 2019

It’s looking like some banks are nickel and diming customers more than ever.

A survey shows fees are on the rise, especially for ATM surcharges, which is the fee that ATM owners charge non-customers.

The Checking Account and ATM Fee Study looked at overdraft fees and fees for using out-of-network ATMs.

The cost of the average out-of-network ATM withdrawal has reached a new record high of $4.72, according to Bankrate. This fee includes the ATM surcharge as well as the penalty that banks charge their own customers to make out-of-network withdrawals.

The average ATM surcharge alone has risen to a new record of $3.09.

Overdraft fees are also up compared to last year. Those average $33.36.

Economists say banks will often increase these fees to balance losses they’re seeing from lower interest rates.

The highest and lowest average ATM fees by metro area are shown below in addition to the highest and lowest overdraft fees.

Highest Average ATM Fee by Metro*
Lowest Average ATM Fee by Metro*
1. Houston $5.58
21. Boston $4.29
2. Atlanta $5.50
22. Minneapolis $4.25
3. Detroit $5.27
22. St. Louis $4.25
4. Chicago $5.14
24. Seattle $4.21
5. Philadelphia $5.11
25. Los Angeles $4.15
Highest Average Overdraft Fee by Metro
Lowest Average Overdraft Fee by Metro
1. Philadelphia $35.50
21. Los Angeles $32.11
2. Baltimore $35.05
22. St. Louis $31.95
3. Houston $34.61
23. Minneapolis $31.74
4. Atlanta $34.60
24. San Francisco $31.44
5. Phoenix $34.30
25. Cincinnati $30.95