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US approves two Chevron oil tankers to sail to Venezuela

Reports: Chevron has shipped light oil to be used in a joint oil venture.
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Posted at 8:04 PM, Dec 30, 2022

California-based oil giant Chevron Corp. has been given permission by the U.S. government to send two oil tankers to Venezuela in a mission that would be the first to bring back oil to the United States from the South American country in almost four years.

One of the tankers will take on the task of loading the first cargo the be returned to the United States in multiple years, Reuters reported, citing a source familiar with the operation.

Shipping data also confirmed the move.

It was not clear if the U.S. would be willing to further remove more sanctions imposed on the Venezuelan government.

As the Associated Press reported, Venezuelan Petroleum Minister Tareck El Aissami signed an agreement with Chevron in early December in Caracas. That came after President Joe Biden and his administration eased some of the oil sanctions placed on Venezuela in late November to try and support new negotiations.

Chevron reportedly already ships light oil for use in a joint oil venture.