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Supreme Court declines to take up Bill Cosby sexual assault case

The decision allows the actor to be free from prison.
Bill Cosby
Posted at 9:47 AM, Mar 07, 2022

The Supreme Court says it will not take up the sexual assault case against Bill Cosby. The Supreme Court did not say anything in rejecting the case.

This leaves in place a decision by Pennsylvania’s highest court to throw out his conviction and set him free from prison.

Cosby was convicted in 2018 for drugging and sexually assaulting Canadian basketball coach Andrea Constand.

Cosby assaulted her when she was an employee at Temple University in 2004 in his home.

He was sentenced to three to ten years in state prison, but then released in 2021, after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his convictions on the ground that his due process rights had been violated.

According to CNN, Cosby’s lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean urged the court to not step in, saying that the Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court’s “promise should be enforced.”

The case was included in a long list of cases the court said Monday it would not hear.