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Ohio teenagers take hearse for joyride with casket in the back

Posted at 8:48 AM, Feb 28, 2020

Police say a group of teenagers in Columbus, Ohio took a hearse for a joyride, according to WSYX-TV.

According to the news station, the teens stole the hearse while it was running outside of Jerry Springs Funeral Home — with a casket in the back.

WSYX spoke to a man who says he was hit by the hearse as it pulled away from the funeral home. The driver says the teens then drove into a school parking lot across the street from the funeral home and "started doing donuts."

He later said the group bailed out of the hearse when it hit a utility pole. No arrests have been made.

Bob Spears, the director of the funeral home, confirmed there was a body in the back of the hearse during the incident. The family of the deceased had already held a funeral, and the body was scheduled to be cremated.

Spears told WSYX that "the disrespect is appalling." He also said no significant damage was done to the hearse, but it is currently in the shop for repairs.

Reports of the Columbus incident occurred on the same day a hearse was stolen from a Southern California funeral home. That hearse also had a body in the vehicle at the time it was stolen, and the incident prompted a police chase. That hearse was later recovered.