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Lawn care apps make it easy for customers and landscapers alike

Posted at 1:38 PM, May 29, 2019

Landscaper Jeremy Wagner says he quickly realized there is a lot of money to be had in the industry once he found an app called "Lawn Love."

Wagner left his day job to work in the gig industry using the app to serve those who need lawn care help.

In one week, he had 70 clients lined up through it.

"That kind of gave me a leg to stand on, to be like, 'OK, I'm going to jump into this business without the risky part of finding customers and how do I make sure they pay me,' " Wagner said.

As an independent contractor, Wagner signs into the app and agrees to do a job, then just shows up. For customers, the app makes finding a landscaper easy.

Customers get a quote and price on the app after the lawn care service person looks up the square footage of the yard using Google Maps.

Lawn Love is not the only app out there for this service: Plowz & Mowz , GreenPal and LawnGuru work similarly.

"It's a fair price for the customer and a fair wage for the person actually doing the work," Wagner said. "It's given me the freedom to do what I want with my life." Kind of job always working stuck in that box."