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Last month first March in 18 years without school shooting in United States

Last month first March in 20 years without school shooting in United States
Posted at 1:01 PM, Apr 15, 2020

Last month marked the first time since March 2002 that there wasn't a school shooting in March in the United States.

That's according to Washington Post's Robert Klemko , who first reported it on Twitter.

Schools haven't been in session since March due to the coronavirus, CBS News reported.

Data from the National School Safety Center and the National School Safety and Security Services showed that there have been school shootings every March since 2002.

An organization that tracks gun violence in the U.S., Everytown for Gun Safety , showed that there were seven shootings on school campuses in March 2020.

Four of those shootings were classified as unintentional discharges, one took place on school grounds over the weekend, and two occurred on college campuses but involved no students.

According to NBC News , although school shootings are down, gun sales are at an all-time high.