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Father, son wait in line for 3 days to be In-N-Out restaurant's first customers

Posted at 8:29 AM, Aug 19, 2022

LOGAN, Utah — One of Utah's favorite burger spots opened at a new location, and a father and son made sure they were first in line.

In-N-Out's new restaurant in Salem, Utah, held a grand opening on Wednesday morning with plenty of fanfare, including Chris and Carson Hickman who set up camp on Monday.

While the store officially opened at 10 a.m., employees opened a little early due to the line that was slowly building up around throughout the week.

For the Hickmans, the need to first inside sprouted from when Chris used to hang out with his own dad at In-N-Out's across California, and hopes to continue that tradition with his own family, including 14-year-old Carson.

"It was long and tiring, I got 2-and-a-half hours of sleep in the car," said Chris Hickman. "We do this because the burgers are good. We just love to be around these people. It's just a really cool culture that we enjoy being around and I just love it."

Carson said that while he was technically the second customer to order at the counter, he was on the same ticket order as his father.

"It was worth it; I slept like 15 minutes," said Carson, who runs an Instagram account dedicated to burger reviews and all things burgers. "It was definitely worth it."

As for the Hickman's order? They had grilled onions, mustard fries, a large coke and a chocolate shake.