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Dodge wants its concept electric muscle car to be loud, diverging from the popular quiet benefits

National Hearing Conservation Association: Its expected decibels could cause hearing loss with long exposure
Dodge electric muscle car
Posted at 9:56 PM, Aug 18, 2022

Dodge wants to offer one of its quintessential muscle car experiences in an electric car. But, the automotive company appears to be betting on a customer base that loves the idea of driving an electric vehicle while at the same time feels the need to hear the loud, disruptive roar of a classic muscle car as its V8 engine rumbles during gear changes.

Dodge's classic gas-powered versions, the Charger and the Challenger, will end production next year, so Dodge is taking a risk, pulling the elements of a muscle car that fans love into the electric future.

Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis said, “We think we’re going to bring a car to market that customers didn’t see coming,” he said.

“But they’re definitely going to hear this one coming,” CNN reported.

The car will be able to produce a loud noise that can reach up to 126 decibels, Dodge said. The National Hearing Conservation Association says at that level, with sustained exposure, like during substantial time driving the car, one could experience hearing loss.

Most electric cars have a one-speed transmission, but Dodge's electric muscle car concept will have more than just one or two speeds, designers say.

Dodge did not release how much it would charge for its planned electric muscle car.