Nurses at COVID-19 testing site keep spirits up with ‘Level Up’ dance challenge

Posted at 12:50 PM, Apr 13, 2020

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. – A group of nurses testing potential coronavirus patients at a Philadelphia hospital are dancing to help keep their spirits up during this unprecedented time.

The pool nurses, who call themselves “The Original Swab Squad,” filmed themselves doing the “Level Up" dance challenge at a mobile COVID-19 testing site outside of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

In the video posted to Instagram, the group of healthcare workers dance in unison without missing a beat, all dressed in personal protective equipment (PPE).

“This is a fun way we can build up our teamwork during #covid times,” the nurses wrote in their Instagram caption.

The nurses wanted to note that they don’t waste any of the PPE.

“We take our jobs, our patients, and the resources we use seriously. However, we also take our team morale and mental health just as serious,” the group wrote.

The challenge is set to Ciara’s song “Level Up.” The singer told Good Morning America that she approves and called the group “Level Up champs.”

"(Their dance) is very meaningful in a time like this,” Ciara told GMA. “I look at that moment that they were having as an opportunity for them to still put joy in the world in the midst of a storm.”