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Chip shortage forces Ford to ship SUVs without some parts

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Posted at 12:06 PM, Mar 15, 2022

Ford is finding a different, non-conventional solution to the new car shortage – it is shipping vehicles without some parts.

The change specifically affects Ford Explorer SUVs.

Ford will send the SUVs to dealers and customers without rear seat controls for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The driver and front-seat passengers will still be able to change climate control for the backseat, but backseat passengers won’t be able to adjust it themselves.

Companies have had a difficult time getting enough chips for products since the pandemic began, which has led to the change in Ford vehicles.

The rear seat climate control for Ford Explorers uses a semiconductor chip.

For now, the spot where the control normally is will have a matching plate over it.

Ford dealers will install the chip later on at no cost and customers will get a price reduction if their vehicle doesn’t come fully equipped.

The chip shortage has forced Ford to send out other vehicles without parts previously.

In 2021, Ford offered customers the option to buy F-150 pickup trucks without the parts needed for the start/stop feature.

Customers who bought an F-150 without the chip for the start-stop feature received a $50 credit.

They also had the option of waiting for a truck that came with the chip.