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China and Russia defend North Korea vetoes in first at UN, oppose more sanctions

United Nations Security Council
Posted at 3:53 PM, Jun 08, 2022

China and Russia are defending their vetoes of a strongly backed U.S resolution that would have imposed tough new sanctions on North Korea at a first-ever General Assembly meeting is now required for any measure that sparks a veto in the Security Council.

The close allies said they oppose more sanctions and blamed the United States for rising tensions on the Korean peninsula, insisting that what's needed now is dialogue between North Korea and the Biden administration. Nearly 70 countries signed up to speak at Wednesday's assembly meeting. Denmark's U.N. Ambassador Martin Bille Hermann said: "History is being made today."

As the Associated Press reported, The General Assembly’s adoption of a resolution on April 26 requiring a debate on the issue not only gives the country or countries casting a veto to explain their reason but it gives all U.N. member nations “a welcome opportunity to share our views on the matter at hand,” Hermann said.