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A backyard shed is being rented out in San Diego for $1,050 a month

Posted at 9:36 AM, Oct 02, 2019

SAN DIEGO — Renters in San Diego are reacting with surprise, and even anger, to a rental listing for what appears to be a backyard shed with an asking price of $1,050 a month.

The studio is located in the backyard of a home on Oregon Street in North Park, one of San Diego's most walkable neighborhoods.

"I was amazed it was going for that much money," said Joe Moreno, who lives nearby. "Does it have plumbing? I mean, does it have facilities?"

The answer is yes. It's also has a wall air conditioner, new laminate flooring and a kitchenette.

A worker at J.D. Property Management, which is renting the unit, said he expected to get asking price. After all, a prior tenant rented it for $1,100 a month for two years.

"Maybe it is high for what it is offered at, but the reality is that the square footage and the location is exactly what this market needs," said Alan Nevin, director of research at the Xpera group.

The asking price is about $300 per month less than a typical North Park studio apartment.

Still, the listing alone is stirring emotions from renters.

On Reddit, people called it ridiculous, and one joked they should rent out their walk-in closet if that unit can get $1,050 a month.

The studio does not include parking. Applicants must earn two and a half times the rent, and have a credit score of at least 650.

This story was originally published by Jonathan Horn on KGTV.