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Local experts concerned over Facebook controversy

Posted at 5:37 PM, Oct 25, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Experts are saying this could be Facebook's biggest crisis in their 17-year history.

Recent investigations into the app have revealed that the platform’s algorithms show users content that confirms their opinions. This helps the company generate ad dollars. Experts tell us you are more likely to continuously use the app when it confirms your own thoughts.

Despite this controversy, some coastal bend social media users like Leslie Burket still place their faith in the app.

“It’s new and it’s innovative and it’s always growing. So yeah, I trust the app,” says Burket.

He tells us Facebook is too useful to let the allegations stop him from using it.

"First of all, I can do my shopping on it, I can connect with friends,” he says.

Social media experts told KRIS 6 News that it is okay to trust Facebook but to do so with caution.

Dr. Anantha Babbali, a media and communications professor at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, believes the social media platform has become too large to control the algorithm and create a healthy space for debate.

“Algorithms really cannot be controlled on a day-to-day basis by management. Facebook has become too big, too quick, and management and leadership really are unaware of how powerful these algorithms have become,” Babbali says.

While Facebook does have settings for its users to control their own data, Dr. Babbali says there is not enough education on how to do so.

By investing in educational resources for the app, experts say that Facebook users would be able to control the algorithm and consume a more well-balanced social media feed.

Babbali says to never forget about our personal responsibility as well.

"You know, we should be exercising more responsibility than just leaving it to Facebook. I think it’s both sides of the coin,” he said.

Other social media users agreed that Facebook was like most things-- it can be a useful tool but only if used properly.