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Family’s graduation party plans foiled by a Styrofoam cake from Walmart

Posted at 5:06 PM, Jun 03, 2019

HOUSTON (CNN) – A Texas family is angry at a Walmart after they say it sold them a cake that was not made of chocolate or vanilla, but Styrofoam.

Marsy Flores tended to every last detail for her daughter’s graduation party, but when she went to pick up her daughter’s cake the morning of graduation, she hit a snag.

“They didn’t have our order. They didn’t have anything ready,” Flores said in comments to Houston television station KPRC.

Flores claims Walmart lost her order for a two-tier graduation cake, but offered to give them another free of charge.

“There was a small blue one which is her school color so I chose that one and they said they would put a couple of graduation things on it and her picture,” Flores said.

Flores thought her daughter’s party was back on track, but when she went to cut the cake later that night, they found another problem.

“I go to cut the cake and it was not budging,” Flores recalled.

Her sister Nellie recorded a video as they tried to cut the “cake” and realized there was Styrofoam under the frosting.

“I was in complete shock,” Flores said.

When they took the cake back to Walmart, Flores said she was offered a $60 gift certificate.

Walmart issued the following statement regarding the incident:

“Incident was result of a misunderstanding. The matter has been resolved. The customer was given a gift card for her inconvenience.”

But Flores isn’t buying that explanation.

“They can’t replace the moment that we lost. It’s a special moment and this is what we got for it, it was a Styrofoam cake. Not only did they mess up one time, they did it twice,” said Flores.

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