Coastal Bend families turning to RV living as a way to cut back on costs

Posted at 8:44 PM, Jul 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-19 21:44:32-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Beachfront living has its benefits, but the cost of living on the water is not one of them. So people are getting creative with finding alternative ways to have a home - like living in an nontraditional home like an RV.

The manager at Pioneer Beach Resort in Port Aransas told Action 10 News that there’s 371 residents and 80-90 of them are "full timers", or people who live there full time.

Chris Reighley and his wife have been living in their RV since July.

“To live on the beach is expensive so one of the more economical ways to live was in the RV,” Reighley said.

The Reighley's friends at Pioneer Resort, Troy and Cindy Reid have also enjoyed the recent benefits of living in an RV since selling their house back in 2016.

“The one thing you do save is property taxes and insurance and those kinds of things,” Reid said.

In a survey done by RV Industry and Association, out of all recorded RV owners in the United States, 1.5% are living in it full-time.

Taylor Krailo with Ron Hoover RV & Marine of Corpus Christi told Action 10 news that they've experienced more people interested in buying an RV and most of them are first time owners.

"With how expensive things have gotten and how costly it can be whether it be for home or vacation homes," Krailo said. "The RV and boat industry has been a way to alleviate the costs to be able to enjoy time with your family at a lower cost and reduced rate.”

On this lot, the average camper prices range from $16,000 up to almost $100,000.

The Reids think of it as an investment in their future.

“We travel a lot. Our expenses are on the road when we go one place to another,” Reid said.