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What amenities would lure residents to live downtown?

What amenities need to come downtown to spark growth?
Posted at 7:54 AM, Oct 28, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Downtown revitalization has become a big issue recently.

The Downtown Management District is listening to residents when it comes to adding more living spaces and amenities to the area.

It says it conducted a study and found that the demand for residential areas in downtown Corpus Christi remains strong.

But what other amenities would residents like to see?

A hustling, bustling and vibrant downtown is what the DMD has always strived for.

"The demand for residential (living) in the downtown area remains strong with at an estimated 1,700 units over the next 10-year period,” said DMD executive director Alyssa Barrera Mason, who says the growth of downtown is apparent.

But she says that the addition of more residents downtown could really help the area flourish.

“So our first priority is getting more units developed in the downtown area,” Mason said. “So that it is a more solid market for some people to talk about a grocery store to come to the downtown area."

At the moment the DMD says there are no plans to bring a grocery store to the area.

Residents, however, have some ideas of what they would like to see in their area.

"We need more schooling in the downtown area or more accessible education,” said downtown resident Benjamin Howard. “You kind of have to drive to get to the schools, that's what I would say."

And resident Boone Stauber said a more immediate concern worries him about the area.

“When I come up here to see friends, a big issue is the parking,” Stauber said.

All Good Fitness is hoping to move to a new location to provide a state-of-the-art gym for downtown residents.

It’s yet another sign of the growing times in the area.