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VIDEO: Truck runs stop sign in George West neighborhood, police ramp up enforcement

Posted at 3:36 PM, Feb 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-17 16:36:46-05

GEORGE WEST, Texas — George West police are ramping up traffic enforcement after a video surfaced of a white truck running a stop sign in a neighborhood and almost causing a collision while a child was nearby playing in the front yard of their house.

George West resident, Fernando Garnica, said in a Facebook post that people are always running the stop sign near his residence at Burleson and Leona St. The video he attached shows a white truck running the stop sign, while another truck with no traffic signal has to stop abruptly to avoid a collision, all while Garnica says his daughter is less than 25 ft. away in the front lawn of his house.

Truck running stop sign in George West neighborhood

The city's chief of police said in a Facebook post that starting immediately, officers will be conducting directed patrols in the neighborhoods with emphasis from Leona St. up to the high school area. The patrols will occur randomly both day and night in neighborhoods and throughout the city.

Police also want to remind residents that not only is running a stop sign illegal, but so is not using your turn signal when changing lanes or turning, as well as driving while talking on a cell phone, drinking coffee or other beverages, eating, etc. They say doing these activities could lead to rear-end collisions.