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USPS customers brace for price increase in shipping packages for the holidays

Posted at 5:31 PM, Sep 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-29 22:43:19-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Priority mail, priority mail express and first-class package service will cost you more ahead of the holiday season. A price increase customers will notice at all USPS offices by October 2nd.  

Depending on the delivery service customers will pay anywhere from $.25 to over $6.00 extra. 

Debbie Hoffman stopped by the USPS office at Lamar Park to drop off a birthday package. 

Hoffman said this won’t be the last time she makes a trip to the post office. 

“I do a lot of shipping out of state to California and out of town to North Texas. I have family all over the place,” she said. 

At the current rates, Hoffman tells KZTV 10 she has spent more than $100. 

“It was $150, it was to an in-law in New Jersey. It was a picture frame that had extra bubble wrap,” Hoffman said. 

Hoffman is not the only one burdened by the price increases. Norma Cortez is thinking of ways to save money this holiday season.

“I’m thinking about it twice this year because the rates have really gone up,” said Cortez. 

Nikki Johnson with the US Postal Service Corporate Office explains how the temporary rates will keep USPS competitive while providing revenue to cover extra costs in anticipation of peak season volume. 

Cortez said because everything is priced based on weight, she plans to send smaller gifts.

“We’ll condense down to sending Christmas cards and perhaps inserting a gift card for a gift,” she said. 

These temporary rates will remain in place until Jan.22nd, of 2023. 

Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express:

  • Commercial:
  • $0.75 increase for PM and PME Flat Rate Boxes and Envelopes.
  • $0.25 increase for Zones 1-4, 0-10 lbs.
  • $0.80 increase for Zones 5-9, 0-10 lbs.
  • $0.75 increase for Zones 1-4, 11-25 lbs.
  • $2.80 increase for Zones 5-9, 11-25 lbs.
  • $3.00 increase for Zones 1-4, 26-70 lbs.
  • $6.50 increase for Zones 5-9, 26-70 lbs.






Planned Increase

Parcel Select Destination 

Delivery Unit (DDU)

Starts at $3.5025 cents
Parcel Select DSCFStarts at $3.7775 cents
Parcel Select DNDCStarts at $4.8475 cents
USPS Connect LocalStarts at $3.95No change
Parcel Select Lightweight (DDU) Starts at $2.32No change
Parcel Select Lightweight (DSCF and DNDC)Starts at $2.72No change
Parcel Return ServiceStarts at $3.37No change