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TxDOT offers tips for safe driving this holiday travel season

Posted at 10:36 PM, Dec 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-23 23:50:23-05

Being with our loved ones for Christmas makes the holiday a little more special.

To do that in a safe way, workers with the Texas Department of Transportation offer their advice for drivers.

"We want all of you back next year," said Texas Department of Transportation spokesman Rickey Dailey. "Buckle up everyone in the vehicle every time you go. Put down your phone -- that's the other thing."

When driving on the highway this Christmas season, TxDOT will need drivers to keep in mind that you are sharing the road.

Putting yourself or others in harm's way on the highway can lead to a dangerous situation.

"People should check their vehicles out before they leave for the trip," he said. "That means checking your tires checking your windshield wipers checking your lights to make sure everything is in tip-top shape."

Dailey said there will be many visitors coming into the city, which means drivers will need to pay attention to what they are doing especially in a new area.

TxDOT said construction will be on pause for the holiday season, but even though construction will be on halt, TxDOT also said drivers need to be careful when going through construction zones because the pavement might surprise drivers.

"There can be uneven pavement," he said. "There can be narrow lanes, so slow down, even if workers are not present slow down -- get through the construction site."

Dailey also recommends drivers should also stay up-to-date with weather conditions before hitting the road.

Also pack an emergency roadside bag, with water, snacks, jumper cables, first aid kit and a flashlight.

"It could help save your life until you can get somebody out there," he said.