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TxDOT drainage ditch causes continuous flooding of Sinton RV Park

Sinton RV Park
Posted at 2:35 PM, Jul 09, 2021

SINTON, Texas — Glenda Hammond is fed up with her RV park flooding. It doesn’t flood because of the rain, but because of a drainage ditch overflowing.

“I estimated over $30,000 in damages here, already,” Hammond says.

Texas Department of Transportation is in charge of the drainage ditch located next to Mesquite Haven RV Park in Sinton, Texas. For the three and a half years of owning the park, Hammond said TxDOT has done nothing to help stop the overflow, despite all her calls.

“I can’t continue to lose my property and keep trying to build it back over TxDOT not doing their job and cleaning the drainage ditches,” she said.

Hammond alleges the ditch hasn’t been cleaned in years. She claims in her losing money from damages and people moving out because of the flooding.

“Six septic systems running two pumps each that are steady pumping trying to pump the water out," said Hammond. "And I know I’m going to have to replace all those pumps. I’ve got freezers that have been underwater that have ruined. One I paid $1,000 for. And they’re ruined. I’ve got two conex’s full of furniture for my trailers and stuff. Everything in there is ruined.”

Hammond said she’s put $150,000 in rocks down in the park to make sure the driveways remain drive-able in high water conditions. That includes $7,000 of rock she put down in the last week.

Residents are suffering from water damage too. Some can’t even leave or get into the park in fear their smaller vehicles will get stuck in the high water.

“They are not pleased they are ready to sign petitions," said Hammond. "They are not pleased with TxDOT at all, for not doing anything with the drainage ditches."

“My car is almost... the water almost goes inside," Juan Jimenez said, one of the park residents. "So, it’s going to take a long time (to get) out the water and stuff.”

It was Wednesday, TxDOT took some action. Hammond said a maintenance supervisor tried to stop the bleeding.

“He did the best he could do, but by that time it was already flowing on to my land," she said. "So, he was having to just work in mud. But he did the best could do. He is the only one that has tried to do anything with this problem.”

A TxDOT spokesperson confirmed that a contract is now in place for this fiscal year, to come out to clean and regrade the ditch. They added that they cannot change the topography of the area around the drainage ditch.

Hammond said she understands the contract will begin in September.

“I just wish they would’ve done something. If they had to get out here and put sand bags instead of letting me do everything, having to deal with this every year. But no, i got nothing from them until day before yesterday.”