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Trainers share importance of keeping pets active, healthy

Posted at 7:12 PM, Sep 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-27 21:56:17-04

You may know many different activities to complete to keep your dog happy and healthy such as going on walks or stopping by your favorite dog park.

But have you ever thought about paddleboarding?

Yes, you heard correctly, paddleboarding.

The concept may sound a little different but this is what exactly took place at the Sunset Lake Park in Portland.

The event was hosted by Sit Means Sit dog training and the group was able to share the importance of keeping their four-legged friends active and healthy.

“It’s very important just like us if we get sedentary we gain weight we get bored," dog trainer Jerilyn Cordova of Sit Means Sit said. "We get depressed, our dogs do, too. So getting out and doing exercise with them, especially fun (activities) like paddleboarding gets them out and keeps them active."

Cordova says stand-up paddleboarding can bring much excitement to pups from all over. Pet owners who’ve participated agree.

"One, it’s a fun activity for her to get out in the water," pet owner Jaxi Wendland said. "And two, it also keeps her focus and we’re also able to train because she has to stay on a small space. So she has to trust me to guide her where to go. And she can be out in the water and have fun."

Wendland says she enjoys paddleboarding with her pup. The water activity brings out the elements of obedience and training to the test.

“The trainers are like family to me now," Wendland said. "As far being with the dog and the owner having that relationship and being able to trust one another to do the basic training ... just going out on walk and having to worry about them going after other dogs.”

Members with Sit Means Sit say staying active is very important for your pet's health while issuing safe practices.

“A lot of people who come out here for the first time don’t even know how to paddleboard." Cordova said. "So we include all the safety on paddleboarding - how to get your dog on the paddle board, what to do if your dog falls out in the water. It's all about safety and having fun."

The cannine training group will have another dog paddleboarding event in October. For more information about Sit Means Sit click here.