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The Robstown community is mourning the death of Johnny Canales

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Posted at 4:47 PM, Jun 13, 2024

ROBSTOWN, Tx — For many in Robstown, it’s a sad day after learning Johnny Canales died.

“He invented that saying, you got it!” Charlie Cabrera and Rolando Molina, both with the Robstown ISD band said.

Here in Robstown, Caneles is a legend who’s known his music and time on T.V. in the Coastal Bend.

“My uncle was right-hand man for Domingo Peña, he lifted it up high,” Gloria Canales, Johnny’s niece said.

Many in the Robstown community are mourning the loss of Johnny.

Johnny was a husband, father, T.V. host, Tejano musician, and more.

Gloria said she has great memories she will cherish in her heart from her uncle.

“My grandfather, Esteban Canales would play the violin, and my uncle Johnny would go with the guitar and go into all the cantinas and everything,” Gloria said.

There are some memories Gloria said, she will never forget.

“We would always go fishing, my uncle Johnny would love to go fishing, his brothers would come from Dallas, and my grandfather, we would all go to North Beach, those are good memories I have,” Gloria said.

“He is a Robstonian that we are very proud, and I was glad to know him he is a good friend,” Cabrera said.

Other Robstonians from Johnny’s generation, such as Rolando Molina along with Cabrera said Johnny was not only a true Robstonian, but his music will forever live in the city’s heart.

“Well, being a Robstonian like Johnny, I would not say we grew up together, but we would always run into each other, they lived a couple of blocks from our parent’s bakery,” Cabrera said.

Cabrera said the Tejano Music Johnny would play really made an impact not only in Robstown but across the state.

“He was one of the pioneers before Tejano music existed, he is one of the icons that now we celebrate, and we are very proud of that Tejano music,” Cabrera said.

The Robstown community said Johnny will be truly missed, but his music in the community will forever live.

“Johnny will be greatly missed,” Molina said.

“In the Tejano music industry, not only was he a pioneer but he really took the lead, and he was always but he was always in the forefront and publicizing the Tejano music,” Cabrera said.

Gloria said she lost connection with her uncle a few years back, but she will always remember him for who he was.

“He was good, I am going to miss him you know, because even if you are not close to your family you miss them because they are part of your family,” Gloria said.

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