The 1911 Tavern club bringing jazz, blues to Six Points

A new nightclub is coming to Corpus Christi
Posted at 9:09 PM, Feb 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-24 13:54:20-05

If you like jazz and blues, this next spot is for you. Two musicians are trying to revitalize the Six Points area in Corpus Christi with their The 1911 Tavern Jazz & Blues Club. The upscale jazz club is taking over the former adult entertainment club called Pleasures.

Adam Stern, the owner of The 1911 Tavern, said he saw an opportunity to do something positive near Six Points.

“Bring this old club back to life, but change what it is drastically. Jazz and blues is upscale and affluent, intelligent, it's hip, it's cool, it's quiet, it’s everything that nothing is being offered," said Stern.

He said the jazz club is a great opportunity for him to help revitalize the area.

“Six Points is 'what’s old is new again.' This used to be the entertainment center of Corpus Christi," said Stern.

“Adam and I, both being musicians, we want to create a home for musicians who don’t have a home," said co-owner Richard Nunez.

Nunez said they want to have the musicians that play in the jazz club visit local schools and help and encourage students.

“Seminars, trainings, things like that," he said. "We honestly are going to try and be giving back to the community as far as music is concerned."

Stern and nunez said they want this club to be a calm environment, where people can enjoy themselves — especially when the jazz festival arrives.

“We have the longest-running free jazz festival in the country, and nothing after that," Stern said. "So we wanted it to be a home for jazz musicians and blues musicians."

The jazz club only allows people 21 and older, and the owners said they will have a grand opening for the club in a month. The club is located at 1911 S. Staples St.