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Suicide rates within young adults and children going up

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Posted at 6:47 AM, Jun 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-20 07:47:46-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Ashley Ramirez’s oldest son Adrian Guerrero took his life back in March of this year.

“Adrian just wasn’t himself that day, the day before he wasn’t himself either, but that day was a really really bad day.” Ramirez said.

Adrian was 19-years-old and Ramirez says he had been battling depression for quite some time.

"He was always an upbeat kid, two years ago Adrian started fighting depression really really bad, his best friend passed away unexpectedly, three weeks before they were supposed to graduate from high school,” Ramirez said.

According to the Center for Disease Control suicide rates were the second leading cause of death for children and young adults in 2021.

Lisa Mckenna health manager at Driscoll Children’s Hospital says they have seen an increase in cases recently.

“We didn’t think we would see this early in the summer, but last week we had Thursday, Friday and Saturday we had multiple suicide attempts, we had close to 15 in those last few days.” Mckenna said.

Mckenna says it is also important to make sure your kids are not isolated she says making sure they are involved in different activities is a great way to lift their spirits.

"They are on social media they are comparing themselves, there is all kinds of filters and things and like I mentioned it looks like everybody is out they’re having a good time and you are home alone.” Mckenna said.

“What are you supposed to do as a parent, we need help, and we are asking for the help and we are not receiving the help so time is crucial.” Ramirez said

This is why Ramirez recently started the Adrian Lee Foundation, a nonprofit organization.

“This place is going to be their safe place, for them to come in and talk to somebody and meet other kids and teens and young adults that are going through the same thing and make a friend. “ Ramirez said.

Ramirez says it’s important to listen to your kids and understand what they are going through.

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