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South Texas' very own clinical care treatment services

Driscoll's Transport team services
South Texas' very own clinical care treatment services
South Texas' very own clinical care treatment services
Posted at 12:03 AM, Oct 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-21 01:03:27-04

If your child is injured, hurt, or born sick and the facility does not have the ability to care for them the Driscoll Transport Team has the highest level of care to provide medical attention.

The Driscoll Transport Team has one mission, to get critically ill children and babies to where they need to go. The Driscoll Children's Hospital Transport Team covers 33 counties and runs more than 1600 transports a year.

The critical care transport team also has a contract with sterling which provides fixed wing services where they also receive a plane and a pilot. They own 4 ambulances and are staffed with 40 employees. "We are one of the few transport team that can do both neonatal and pediatric team where every single member of this team is able to take care of all the wide ranges that we service,” said Euming Chong who is a Neonatal Medical Transport Director, there are three different modes of transportation.

By ambulance, helicopter, or airplane and by three different disciplines, such as paramedics, registered nurses and respiratory therapists. To facilitate pediatric and neonatal transport treatment.

"When an outside facility needs a transport and treatment of pediatric or neonatal specialty, we arrive, treat, transport,” said Jacob Kerwick who is a Paramedic. Registered nurse Angela does a primary assessment to determine what the patient may need and then communicates that information to a medical Transport Director.

The team covers 31,000 square miles. The mode of transportation depends on several factors including where the child is found, how sick the child is and the weather conditions. "Are there going to be multiple team members that are going to be going, parents coming back. So then we look at are we going are we going helicopter or are we going aircraft,” said Jeremy Goodman who is the Director for Critical Care Transport Team Goodman says the dedicated Transport Team treats every patient as if they were their own child.

"We care for that patient just like they are our own. We are going to do everything in our power to ensure that the outcome is going to be positive for them,” said Goodman. The Driscoll Transport Team is a non-for-profit organization that runs 24/7 every day.